Milk in the City is an online guide delivering highlights from the world’s best cities, including unique and innovative summaries of the best food, fashion, design, art & culture. We provide exciting and original features and vignettes that will inspire locals and tourists alike, and motivate them to get out and explore these great cities!

It’s time for you to explore “Milk in the City” and discover the enticing ingredients we’ve put together for you, as part of a recipe for your own adventures.

Check back often to plan your week or weekends and add special flavour and secret ingredients to your life. Get away from the humdrum and let us help you find your inspiration, adventures, and places of irresistible interest.

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Juliet is the founder and lead explorer for Milk in the City. She is captivated by the excitement that lies outside her front door, and around the global village. Armed with a notepad and inquisitive eyes, she scours the best of the world’s cities for inspirational places and activities, to share with you.