Milk [Seattle] – All day, all night neighbourhood café in Capitol Hill

Oddfellows Cafe Seattle

Oddfellows has graced Seattle’s dynamic Capitol Hill neighbourhood with its holy trinity of coffee shop, quaint café and late night bar for a few years now. It draws in a hip daytime crowd and attracts many a night owl too. With a knack for serving up simple, delicious and affordable fare, the food and drink makes this a popular and pleasing go-to spot.
Oddfellows is bright and spacious, and perfect for ogling the local crowd. Sit back and enjoy the lively ambiance. The décor combines a mixture of industrial steel with rustic woods, serving up an old school Americana vibe. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the mouthwatering display of pastries and biscuits and the non-stop steaming espresso bar. The back of the café feels like a bygone era general store, with bookcases displaying bottles of wine and old keepsakes.
Highly recommended for weekend brunch, the café vibe gets buzzing with coffee-fueled conversation and tasty food. Have yourself a homemade biscuit and eggs, scrambled with gruyere and ham. If you prefer lighter fare, a warming soup de jour and green salad could be all you need. Vegetarian and vegan options abound too, so everyone can find what they want. Or skip the meal entirely and enjoy wonderfully crafted cocktails at $5 each when the bar comes alive at happy hour and into the late evening when the Oddfellows come around.


Location: 1525 10th Avenue  Seattle, WA 98122
Open: Everyday from 8AM until late


[images: Oddfellows Cafe]

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