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Milk [Seattle] – French flair on Capitol Hill

Tired of the incessant rain, harsh winds and gloomy clouds outside your window? Seek shelter at Café Presse, a casual urban cafe in Capitol Hill offering authentic French food and lively atmosphere. Café Presse offers a slice of French flair that will leave you forgetting about your Parka and rain boots. Stepping foot inside this Café feels like you have arrived in Paris, but thankfully there is no need to pull out your Euros. A relaxed je ne sais quois wafts about, particularly at night when the place is bathed in romantic candlelight.  Friday nights are filled to the brim with hip Seattleites. The decor is an unusual combination of charming Parisian café and industrial cool, and somehow it all seems to work very nicely. Dishes are simple and well flavoured, with a strong adherence to traditional techniques. At tables crammed side-by-side, it’s easy to notice the rib-sticking good Poulet ou Frites that the party beside you has ordered (warning: the bird takes one hour to roast, so order wine and fresh baguette while you wait). If your Chérie is really peckish and you simply cannot wait for the main course, then order the croque monsieur sandwich.  Thanks to the béchamel sauce, the sandwich oozes with decadence, uniting the ham and gruyere in perfect harmony. If chicken and croque monsieur are not for you, then opt for the perfectly cooked steak frites topped with a white cream sauce of corn, bacon and tarragon. Post-meal, enjoy a café au lait or strong espresso while marveling over the hip and stylishly dressed servers as they parade back and forth from the kitchen delivering one mouth-watering entree after the next.   Café Presse serves French flair and cuisine everyday from 7:30am until 2am.

Good news: The Poulet ou Frites is well priced at $26 for two persons, leaving you with more options to consider like, “Shall we get three desserts instead of two, darling?”


Café Presse
Location: 1117 12th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122
Open: Everyday 7:00am-2:00am


[image: Jake Strangel Blog]

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